Our Vision

Our biggest ambition as SB Özel Group which is an investment company is to be the pioneer in sectors which we contribute to via our investments. Our company pertains to the international business ethics and rules. We aim at doing our best and create a difference in the sectors which we start to serve in. We believe that impossible is nothing and do not limit ourselves with the obstacle that we face up to during the investent process.

Our Mission

We are an investment company which has a life complex in Erbil, an hotel project İn Zeytinburnu, a construction market in Erbil and a construction steel manufacturing company. As we are engaged in mostly construction business, our mission is to plan, develop and implement world-class projects by enlarging our know-how and expertise.We never stop to investigate and observe in order to catch up with the innovations that are being experinced World wide.

Our Management Principles

- Participative Management
- Team Spirit
- Customer Satisfaction
- Success Orientation
- Value Creation
- Innovativeness

Our Values

Integrity :

As we include four different project under one roof in different countries, we believe that integrity is so important. All of our branches are in relation with eachother and our headquarter is providing the communication between them.

Trustworthiness :

Uttering promises and keeping our promise is one of the values that we are strictly adhered to.

Creativeness :

Production is nothing without the important touch of creativity so as we are aware of this fact, we add things from our backgrounds.

Quality Orientation :

Construction is a business sector which is oriented in making gorgeous and safe building for the residents so chosing qualified materials and qualified workmanship is so that important.

Sabri Özel

The Company launched its commercial activities in the Şemdinli district of Hakkari province in 1981 under thetrade name of Özipek Tekstil. Between 1981 and 1992 the company was operating in the textile industry and between 1992 and 1998 expanded its activities into the import and export industry.

We have been operating in various lines of industry in general and in the construction industry in particular since 1998. Today I can say with pride that SB Özel Group continues its activities and maintains its strong growth and development.

We have been doing our best be pioneers in the industries we are operating for and are trying to achieve the best possible result. We have always succeeded in becoming the leaders rather than the followers across all the regions we have operated.

We can not help but saying that integrity and mutual trust throughout our business activities is one of our main goals. We will continue our activities without straying from our principles with the same determination and excitement we had on the first day of our operations.

Sabri ÖZEL